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Corporate customers

Elisa is the Finnish market leader in telecom services. Every other Finnish company is one of our contract partners. The growth of Elisa’s mobile services for companies continued, led by data sales. Development of the fixed network business was also positive.

Telecom and IT services are a natural combination, and we can utilise synergy benefits in marketing, selling and producing these services. Our digital service portfolio includes IT services, international video services, customer management solutions and Industrial IoT solutions, among others. We also improved the profitability of our operations with the help of automation, productisation and online services.

Our investments in quality and customer satisfaction positively influenced the customer satisfaction surveys among our different customer groups over the course of the year. We aim to provide our customers with added value through our continuously developed service solutions and our deeper understanding of our customers. We will also continue to improve our operations and cost structure.

New services and secure communication services

The strong growth in demand for mobile data continued, and our strategy, which is based on mobile data, was reflected in the growth of our 4G clientele. There is still major business potential in this sector.

Our customers are investing more and more in the functionality of networks and data security. We responded to our customers’ needs by introducing several new services and processes.

Elisa Kyberturvakeskus is an expert service that allows our corporate customers to manage their data security threats and disturbances. Elisa Mobile Support is a new mobile device remote management service. With the Elisa Oma Lasku service, the personnel of companies can update their company phones or subscriptions to suit their personal needs. We were the first operator to address coverage problems on the mobile network by introducing Wi-Fi calling.

We continued our strong investments in the functionality and availability of our Elisa Ring service, which improved customer satisfaction. Elisa Ring received the Award for Best Product Innovation from Frost & Sullivan following its cloud unified communications comparison.

Competitive ability and efficiency with customer interaction solutions

We offer companies and public sector organisations solutions that cover their entire customer path journey from service design to sales and marketing automation, customer care solutions and outsourced call handling and customer care services.

We launched digital customer service solutions. Our customers can use digital service capabilities on their websites and develop their online customer service.

Furthermore, we signed a cooperation agreement with the world’s fastest-growing marketing automation company. We assist our customers in digitalising their sales and marketing operations and boosting their customer acquisition.

The changes to our OrangeContact system was well received. Now, our customers can establish a video connection with a service advisor on mobile devices as well. We facilitated the work of service advisors by updating the user interface with the help of service design, and we improved reliability by reforming the service environment. We also expanded our service portfolio to include customer service centre resource management systems.

As a new service for our small- and medium-sized customers, we introduced the Joustava payment terminal service: now our SME customers can get their payment terminal agreements and merchant agreements at the same time. We integrated the Elisa Kassa retail POS service with Finland’s largest financial management system and online store platform.

IT and cloud services experiencing rapid growth

Cloud services are a rapidly growing IT service sector. We offer our customers a full portfolio of IT services, from workstation outsourcing to cloud services and business IT services.  Our IT service customer satisfaction remains high and provides a good foundation for future business in this growing sector.

Elisa’s IT business unit Elisa Appelsiini received the highly valued ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification. The development project was implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Broadcasting Company. This international certification is only awarded to service providers who have proven the high quality and functionality of their IT service management.

Over the course of the year, we completed several important cooperation projects in the healthcare sector. We implemented an indoor positioning system for the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District to permit real-time monitoring of the location of its medical devices. The system makes it possible to both improve the safety of patients and make the work of the healthcare staff more efficient.

We studied the social impact of healthcare digitalisation in the care of patients with asthma in cooperation with the healthcare services of the town of Hämeenlinna. The study proved that major financial, social and environmental benefits can be achieved and time can be saved by reforming work processes and using remote measuring.

Elisa now enables its customers to implement their entire IT environment as a public cloud service to offer their mobile personnel constant access to all information and applications. For SMEs, Elisa introduced an easy-to-use Elisa Yritystietoturva data security service, which protects all of a company’s terminal devices.

Breakthrough year for the Internet of Things

Elisa’s open development and service platform Elisa IoT offers companies and corporations networking and IoT solutions. The Elisa IoT ecosystem programme now includes 18 academic partners who use the platform in their education. Furthermore, dozens of new companies joined the partner network.

Elisa IoT also received international recognition. One of the applications, which can visualise process information coming from dozens of different automation systems and other information sources in one 3D view, received the award for best IoT solution of the year at the LiveWorx 2016 event.

In Finland, the S Group, Finland’s largest retail store chain, is taking advantage of the IoT by using it to place all their active network devices under remote monitoring in a secure manner. Elisa, Helpten and Palin piloted a new Elisa IoT service, a smart car service platform, for the vehicle business.

The Elisa Innovation Challenge expanded into an international competition. The winners were announced at the Slush 2016 event. The winner of the Elisa IoT Innovation Challenge was an energy self-sufficient positioning service by Emergence, from Espoo, Finland.  

International videoconferencing in cooperation with Vodafone

Elisa Videra, which specialises in digital media display services and virtual conferencing solutions, signed a cooperation agreement with Vodafone. Elisa Videra will create and offer videoconferencing services for Vodafone’s largest global customers. Elisa provides technical customer support 24/7 in 15 languages. Elisa Videra also promoted its position by signing a cooperation agreement with Clear Channel International.

Major new customers include IKEA, Vattenfall, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the city of Brussels, Orange Belgium, Kesko and Dixons Carphone.

Systematic work to improve the customer experience

We continued our determined continuous improvement projects and the development of our customer-centred operations. The investments in quality work tools and personnel training have paid off: the number of customer complaints and contacts is continuously decreasing, and more automated orders are being placed.

According to EPSI Rating’s annual travel communication survey, Elisa has the most satisfied corporate customers, and according to a study by Gartner, Elisa Appelsiini has the most satisfied IT customers in Finland. Furthermore, in a customer experience survey by CXPA Finland and Shirute that was published in the summer, Elisa was joint third among a total of 74 companies. 

Elisa Estonia’s Corporate Customer business

The mobile data use of Elisa Estonia’s corporate customers continued its strong growth. The device exchange rate remained high as well, and more than 80 per cent of all devices are smartphones. We prepared for the amendment of the regulations by making a major change to the EU roaming invoicing system of subscriptions. The change reduced call prices abroad and increased the use of the services. In addition, we started the development of new IT and IoT services with lean startup methods.

Timo Katajisto
Director, Corporate Customers

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