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Elisa Ideal Work

The Elisa Ideal Work process started in 2010 when we challenged ourselves to think about how we could improve our profitability in our continuously changing operating environment.

Over the years, we have allowed all of our employees to participate in the process by thinking about how their work could be most reasonably completed, what kind of facilities they need at the workplace and what kind of tools would allow them to be the most profitable. The result of this process is the Ideal Work concept, which aims to make working smarter and more efficient, to create a workplace that is pleasant to come to and work that is meaningful.

Each Elisa employee can choose the way and place of working that best suits them and their work. Elisa will provide the necessary facilities and tools. The choices are always made based on the employee’s own needs, as well as the needs of the customer and team. For example, if it snows heavily on Monday morning, staying at home and participating in meetings remotely makes sense, but if you need to create ideas and have a brainstorming session, trying to do it by email does not make any sense.

Due to Ideal Work, Elisa employees no longer have their own workstations; instead, they will find the space that best suits the current phase of the work. The different kinds of working spaces support the different stages and tasks during the working day: virtual, individual and teamwork. There are also meeting places for social interaction. Furthermore, Elisa employees can use a host of solutions that enable flexible working, and they can participate remotely in almost every meeting.

The technology and the facilities are enablers, but they will not change the way of working without a change in management. Elisa has undergone a change of working culture, and the focus is now on monitoring the results achieved. Realistic and measurable goals are the key, and the most important thing is to have strong trust in the employees.

In 2016, Elisa employees worked on average 77 days per person at a location other than an Elisa office. This further reduced the carbon footprint of Elisa’s employees. Personnel satisfaction continued to rise, and stood at 4.1.

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