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Lukoton is a startup that can make any home a smart home. The company has developed a lock adapter that changes all of a home’s locks so that they can be opened with a smartphone.

Lukoton was awarded the first prize of EUR 30,000 in the Elisa Smart Home Innovation Challenge at rhe startup event Slush. The competition sought new smart home solutions for private homes.

"We are truly proud to win Elisa’s innovation competition because it shows that our product will be in demand for the doors of Finnish homes. With support from Elisa, we will be able to change a smart lock that can be opened with a smartphone from a luxury product available only to a select few to a standard home accessory", says the happy Ari-Pekka Hietala, one of the founders of Lukoton Experience Oy.

The smart locks will not be available to consumers right away, but Lukoton can now continue its development work. The smart home industry is buzzing right now.

"A smart home is not only for people who are interested in technology: very simple solutions can make the everyday life of anyone easier. In addition to technology, success in this industry requires the ability to resolve problems that bother us all", says director Matias Castrén from Elisa.

Arranged for the second time and expanded into an international event, the Elisa Innovation Challenge had participants from 16 countries this year. There were two series: the IoT Innovation Challenge and the Smart Home Innovation Challenge. Click here to read more about the competition (in Finnish). 

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