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Elisa is involved in the SenCity research project.

Elisa is participating in a research project called SenCity, which aims at changing lighting infrastructure into a service platform for a smart lighting system and innovative services in an urban environment.  

Lighting is an important service provided by towns and cities. In Europe, lighting amounts on average to 50 per cent of the total electricity consumption. The carbon footprint can be reduced by replacing the light sources with more energy-efficient ones, but a smart control system is also necessary to control the illumination level and the time the lamps are on. LED lamps and a smart control system can reduce the energy consumption of an urban lighting system by up to 70 per cent.  

Changing the lighting system into a service platform also enables the provision of new services. The network created by streetlamps can be used as an IoT platform for urban areas in the future: a smart control system means integrating sensors and a wireless communication connection to the lamps, and it can be used to transfer data other than the control data.

In the future, a streetlamp can be a 4G or 5G access point. 

The research project carried out by the University of Oulu, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finnish towns and cities, and Finnish companies will be completed in 2017. Elisa is providing the project with an Elisa IoT platform, and the cities and towns participating in the project are acting as the pilot sites.

Click here to read more about the Elisa IoT solution (in Finnish). 

Click here to read more about Elisa’s research and development activities

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