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Seniors involved in digitalisation

The proportion of people over the age of 65 in Finland is continuing to grow, and the older generation is taking major leaps in the use of technology.

According to a survey by the Technology for the Elderly Centre in spring 2016, senior citizens want more advice and guidance from their telecoms operators to support the purchasing and use of mobile devices. We will continue our work of supporting the participation of seniors in digitalisation.

Our employees promote the digitalisation skills of senior citizens in customer service and at events. A good example of this work was Elisa Talks in September 2016, which opened a dialogue with older people about digitalisation. Elisa employees who develop services for senior citizens, customers and experts participated in the panel discussion. The topics included healthcare of the future and digitalisation of social and welfare services. At the same event, Elisa employees assisted senior citizens in updating their subscriptions. In addition, young people from Girls’ House Helsinki assisted older people with using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pokémon GO.

In summer 2016, a pilot project was arranged in Elisa stores in the Helsinki metropolitan region, where young people were hired to help older people in the purchase and use of smartphones. The pilot offered employment for the young and increased our understanding of the needs of senior citizens. The Technology for the Elderly Centre of the Finnish Union for Senior Services (Valli) and the ENTER association, which offers IT guidance and peer support to senior citizens, were involved in the project.

We continued to produce online content – text, images and videos – to facilitate people’s digital everyday lives. We want to help people of all ages in Finland in the adoption of the digital world. Here is a popular article including a video (in Finnish) where senior citizens compare and assess the usability of phones.

The content is available (in Finnish) on the Elisa Ideas website at, and the content for companies is available at

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