Personnel review

Future expertise through continuous development

Continuous learning is a prerequisite for Elisa’s success.  Elisa’s value of Renewal describes this. We help our employees to develop, grow and promote their careers by, for example:

  • Leadership through coaching and teaching them how to continuously improve their work
  • Expertise development process
  • Training and networks
  • Support for career development and job rotation

We develop our personnel according to the 70–20–10 model; in other words, through a combination of learning at work (70%), management based on coaching and learning through networks (20%), and various training and coaching programmes (10%).

A key issue in the continuous development of expertise is that the entire personnel have the capacity and opportunity to take part in developing Elisa’s operations and processes. We develop processes under the leadership of process owners in a number of development groups.

We also want to improve and expand our expertise through close cooperation with various educational institutions and scientific communities, through studies, training, practical training, theses, projects and company visits. Most of our cooperation institutions are educational institutions in the fields of technology and business, as well as universities and higher education institutions.

Key measures and their results in 2016

  • Over the course of the year, we hired 1,224 new personnel directly in the service of Group companies and through our partners.
  • We participated in the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign. 156 (180) people worked as summer employees or trainees.
  • We continued our cooperation with the student body of Aalto University, with the aim of lowering the boundaries between the corporate and student worlds and telling students about the broad range of job opportunities in the ICT industry.
  • Elisa employees spent an average of 14 (10) hours in training.
  • Some 517 employees switched positions within Elisa.
  • The development of processes and operations was managed in their areas of responsibility by 138 (133) Elisa employees.

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