Personnel review

Top-quality supervisory work, clear goals and shared values

Learning while doing and experimentation change knowledge into competence. At Elisa, this process is supported by the supervisors’ coaching and daily management, continuous improvement practices, “We learn from our mistakes and successes” analyses, and tutors. We continuously develop the operation of our working community on the basis of the results of the regular personnel survey, for example.

Every Elisa employee has the right to have a good supervisor. We offer all supervisors and other employees in influential positions the opportunity to study leadership by coaching.

A key part of our management system is the appraisal and development discussion, which each employee holds with their supervisor twice a year. Between these discussions, supervisors maintain regular, private discussions with their team members. In the actual appraisal and development discussions, we implement our strategy, agree on objectives, assess our operations and performance, and plan our personal development.

Elisa’s daily management model is a toolkit of best practices for daily high-quality supervisory work. Supervisors are trained through supervisor induction, voluntary additional training and comprehensive daily management programmes.

Key measures and their results in 2016

  • There were 3,711 (2,440) appraisal and development discussions.
  • A total of 137 supervisors participated in the five-day Coaching Supervisor training to develop as coaches, feedback givers and challengers.
  • We renewed the training system for new supervisors to emphasise our values and the supervisors’ duties and the key content of our business units.

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