Personnel review

Results through personnel wellbeing

Our employees and subcontractors have the right to work in a healthy and safe working en­vironment and the obligation to bear their responsibility for the working community. We promote wellbeing at work and occupational health and safety through good management as part of our daily work.

We have a zero ­tolerance approach to all forms of workplace discrimination and established grievance mechanism. We support the shift of women into male-dominated duties and vice versa, and we support employees whose working prerequisites require special measures. The realisation of equality is monitored also in personnal enquieries.

We pay attention to wellbeing at work and promote a good work-life balance. As support for our staff to take care of their wellbeing, we offer services safeguarding wellbeing at work, such as sports and hobbies. We have active regionally organised sports and cultural club activities.

We offer high-quality healthcare with services considerably in excess of the statutory requirements. The HR department is responsible for the development of wellbeing at work activities with regard to health, working capacity and the development of the working community. The facilities services and the IT department, in turn, are responsible for working conditions. The working environment committee coordinates the operations of the occupational health and safety organisation. We collaborate within the industry and with our partners to improve the safety both in our own operations and in the industry.

Early intervention has been an essential part of Elisa’s daily management for years. It is part of the management of the ability to work procedure, which, in turn, supports Elisa’s personnel strategy and business. The goal is systematic management of occupational health and safety issues. Systematic, correctly timed and correctly targeted cooperation in the different sectors of health management guarantees that employees of all ages remain capable of working and increases the personnel’s value in the labour market.

We also operate responsibly whenever there is a change that has an impact on the personnel. We consider it important that personnel have the opportunity to influence the content of the change by active participation.

We launch a change planning process every time the business must undergo changes requiring cooperation negotiations that affect the number of employees, job descriptions or other key factors related to work. This operating model clearly exceeds the requirements of the Act on Cooperation within Undertakings.

If places cannot be found for personnel in the renewed organisation, we will take care of them in the best possible manner with our partners to make sure that they get retraining or new employment opportunities.

Key measures and their results in 2016                                  

  • The number of sick leaves were 2.8 per cent of total working hours.
  • Disability payment class 2, sickness absence costs stayed at the same level than in the reference year 2014.
  • We updated our equality principles plan to include development measures. The plan was prepared by a group consisting of employer and employee representatives which was coordinated by the equality coordinator designated by the employer.
  • On United Nations Day, we arranged a human rights seminar for all of our employees in all countries with the theme of “Opportunities offered by diversity in working life”.

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