Description of the report     

Elisa’s annual report consists of four parts: the financial statements, annual review, corporate governance and responsibility. The annual report is published in electronic format in Finnish at and in English at

This is Elisa’s fourth verified responsibility report, which is published as part of the annual report. It was prepared in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 Core requirements. The reporting period is the calendar year 2016. The Global Reporting Initiative index for 2016 is part of this report.

Elisa’s management has decided to have the corporate responsibility report assured by a third party. The 2016 corporate responsibility report is assured by EY. The assurance covers the responsibility section of Elisa’s 2016 annual report and the personnel review.

The reporting of key aspects covers all of the business units: Consumer customers, Corporate customers, Production and Support functions and subsidiaries included in Elisa’s consolidated financial statements. Reporting is aligned with Elisa Corporation financials reporting. In specific aspects boundaries are restricted to availability of reliable data. Our aim is to constantly develop the data coverage.

The financial information is from the consolidated financial statements, and it complies with IFRS accounting principles.

With regard to environmental indicators, the most significant environmental impact of the parent company and subsidiaries has been calculated in accordance with the GRI guidelines.

Calculation of carbon dioxide emissions is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol ( Corporate standard. We apply also the GHG protocol Corporate Value Chain standard.  A description of the calculation is available in the responsibility section of our website. The following changes have been made compared to previous years:

  • Scope 3 emissions have been reported in 2016 according to GHG protocol Corporate Value Chain -standard as in CDP reporting in previous years.
  • In Scope 2 reporting the new GHG protocol Scope 2 guidelines have taken into account.
  • In indicator EN17, in Capital goods - section only base stations are reported in year 2016. Other equipment to network will be reported in CDP reporting in June. We are improving the reporting in this during the year 2017.
  • The calculation boundary of wastes has been changed. Now a waste figure covers all wastes in Elisa Finland. Waste figures have been calculated retroactively with new boundaries to year 2014.
  • Scope 1 emissions have been corrected retroactively to year 2014.

With regard to personnel, figures for both the parent company and subsidiaries are included. No significant changes have been made to the indicators compared to previous years. The structural changes in the Group are presented in more detail in the annual report. The following changes have been made to indicators compared to previous years:

  • In indicator G4-10 regarding to part time employees reporting has improved and boundary has been changed. Current figure covers Elisa Corporation.  Previously Finnish part time employees covered Elisa parent company´s part time employees.
  • In G4-11 indicator boundary has been changed. Current figure covers Elisa Corporation. Previously G4-11 covered only Elisa Finland.
  • In indicator LA1 boundary has been changed. Figure 2016 covers Elisa Corporation. Previously LA1 was reported regarding following Finnish operations Elisa parent company, Elisa Appelsiini, Elisa Videra, Elisa Treasure as well as Enia and regarding abroad operations Elisa Estonia and Elisa Videra was included.
  • The coverage regarding LA9 has improved and current figure covers Elisa Corporation. Previously it was reported covering Elisa parent company.
  •  The coverage regarding LA11 has improved and current figure covers Elisa Corporation. Previously it was reported covering Elisa parent company.

The responsibility report is published annually. Previous responsibility reports are available at Before 2013, we compiled an index describing responsibility measures based on the GRI's sustainable development reporting guidelines in 2011 and 2012. The 2015 report´s release date was 09.03.2016

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