Financial responsibility

Research and development

Elisa operates in a sector where future services are created through unconventional testing of new opportunities and cooperation between innovation networks.

We promote the development of digital society by, for instance, our participation in R&D and startups in the sector. Our operations are also centrally related to providing trainee positions for students who have been successful in their studies in higher education institutions.

Promoting top international research

We have established strong cooperation between academic researchers and Elisa’s business units. The cooperation promotes our understanding of new scientific breakthroughs and thus promotes our strategic choices. For more information, please see the Case gallery.

We continuously look for new opportunities to cooperate with the best international researchers in different scientific fields. In 2016, Elisa Research brought Elisa employees and over 150 new top researchers from 10 countries together to carry out research in 26 research projects.

In addition, through the HPY Research Foundation, we support scientific research, teaching and development work in Finnish telecommunications technology, telecommunications and data communications. By 2016, the HPY Research Foundation had granted a total of EUR 979,710 in scholarships, mainly to researchers preparing dissertations in different universities. The library of the HPY Research Foundation includes approximately 107 dissertations.

Renewal through startup partnerships

Startup partnerships are an important part of Elisa’s continuous development. Over the course of several years, we have introduced to the market several innovations with startup companies, thus promoting the success of new companies.

Over the course of the year, startup companies commended Elisa for being an easily accessible and professional partner. In 2016, Elisa had more than 60 Finnish and international startup partners. We aim for cooperation that benefits the business of both parties, in which we can act as an early phase customer for startups or offer our effective sales channels to our partners.

For the second time, we arranged the Elisa Innovation Challenge to encourage both companies and private persons to create new product and service innovations with the help of network technology. This year, 97 proposals were submitted from 16 countries. The developers of the best products were announced and the awards were handed out at Slush 2016. Elisa was the main cooperation partner of the event for the third year in a row. For more information, please see the Case gallery.

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