Responsibility at Elisa

Material issues and mangement of corporate responsibility

In recognising Elisa’s material corporate responsibility, we take into account the most important financial, social and environmental effects of our operations, products and services, as well as other significant trends affecting the industry and referenced  GRI G4 reporting principles.

To prioritise these aspects of corporate responsibility, we sent an extensive stakeholder questionnaire to all our most important stakeholders in 2015.

The material aspects were reassessed in autumn 2016 with a corporate responsibility survey at our stores and feedback from stakeholders. The importance of the material aspects to the business units was assessed by Elisa’s corporate responsibility management team. The results are described on Elisa’s corporate responsibility webpage.

Elisa’s material corporate responsibility issues and key focus areas guide the content of the corporate responsibility report:

  • Data security and privacy protection
  • Financial responsibility
  • Availability, safety and accessibility of services
  • Responsible employer
  • Energy efficiency and climate change
  • Ensuring operational reliability in society
  • Responsible customer communications 

The link between material aspects and GRI reporting, and their limitations, are illustrated in the GRI index table.

Corporate responsibility aspects are regularly discussed and approved in the Elisa Executive Board and the Board’s audit committee. Chief Financial Officer, Kinnunen Jari, Director of Human Resources, Merja Ranta-aho and Director of administration, Sami Ylikortes account for economic, social and environmental topics in the  executive board of Elisa Corporation. The company is managed by the jointly agreed Elisa Code of Conduct, topic-specific policies and operating processes. They promote sustainable and successful business that complies with the expectations of our stakeholders.

Furthermore, Elisa publishes on its website its data security policy, its policy on the processing of communication traffic, a description of its customer register, the Elisa Communications Policy and Elisa’s Code of Ethical Purchasing. Other key internal principles include personnel policies (including principles of equality), marketing guidelines, risk management policy and data security policy.

Elisa has signed the following external initiatives:

  • UN Global Compact
  • Corporate Responsibility Charter of the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO)
  • Diversity Charter of the FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network
  • European Framework for Safer Mobile Use initiative of the European GSM Association

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