Responsibility at Elisa

Stakeholder dialogue

Our most important stakeholders are our personnel, customers, owners, social operatorsand partners.  Stakeholders are reviewed annually in Elisa´s corporate responsibility management team as a part of materiality assessment. Active stakeholder dialogue is an important part of the daily development work of Elisa’s business operations and corporate responsibility. We engage in active dialogue by means of regular surveys and various studies.

Dialogue with customers and continuous improvement of our understanding of our customers are at the core of our business. Customer orientation is one of Elisa’s values, and customer satisfaction is one of the most important scorecard metrics.

The commitment and wellbeing of our employees is one of the cornerstones of our business. We measure personnel satisfaction with a scorecard, and we engage in continuous interaction with our employees. Complying with the Elisa Code of Conduct concerns all of us at Elisa. It is the duty of everyone at Elisa to report known or suspected breaches of the Code at once. The cases are investigated using processes in use and we intervene appropriately in breaches of this Code. Elisa personnel can ask for advice or report breaches of the Code to the following people, also anonymously: own manager, the internal audit function of Elisa Oyj, the Legal Services department of Elisa Oyj, the HR function of Elisa Oyj or by sending an email to

As a listed company the objective of Elisa's financial and investor communications is to support the process of establishing the correct value of Elisa's shares by providing the capital market with sufficient, accurate and up-to-date information about the development of the company's business, its strategy and its financial position. Elisa's centralised IR function manages contacts with investors and analysts.

Director of public relations is responsible for development of public relations. We operate as expert representatives in organisations and actively participate in discussions within them. In addition, we influence the development of society through statements and other  activity. Elisa has significant memberships in the following organisations, among others:

  • Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
  • Finland Chamber of Commerce / Finnish Chambers of Commerce
  • Service Sector Employers’ Association PALTA
  • Confederation of Telecommunications and Information Technology (FiCom ry)
  • TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre
  • Finnish Quality Association
  • Finnish Direct Marketing Association
  • ICT Producer Co-operative
  • Environmental Register of Packaging PYR

1 Social operators include the authorities, officials, politicians, NGOs and other organisations, as well as research organisations. External stakeholders are examined from the point of view of both customers and influences in society.

Elisa’s stakeholders and interaction
Personnel Customer Owners, investors and analysts Subcontractors, partners Social operators
Appraisal and development discussions (twice a year) Customer service channels (continuous) AGM (annually) Close cooperation with our partner network (continuous) Participation in information society projects (several per year)
Digitalisation projects in the government programme (several per year)
Intranet, internal newsletter (continuous) Internet, and social media (continuous) Investor events (several times per year) Code of Ethical Purchasing (in connection with renewal of agreements) Expert activities in industry organisations (several times a year
Daily management (continuous) Customer satisfaction questionnaires (monthly, annually) and their communication Stock exchange releases (recurrently) Customer satisfaction with the operation of subcontractors, Corporate Customers' NPS (continuous) Meetings and events (several times per year)
Personnel satisfaction surveys (four times a year)       Cooperation with organisations (continuous)
Internal briefings (as necessary) Cooperation practices that assist in deepening customer relationships     Cooperation with researchers (continuous)
Themes and action raised by stakeholders in 2016
Stakeholder Themes raised during the year Actions
Personnel - Management that better takes individual needs into account
- More equal sharing of work tasks and better coordination
- More support in job rotation
- Development ideas were collected from the personnel though workshops during December 2016 and January 2017
- Update of Diversity and equality plan, and related development actions
- Leadership and management trainings
Customers - Customer and support services (especially waiting times)
- Proactive cooperation with customers and customer communication
- Better mobile coverage and faster internet connections
- Queuing Time shortening through multi-channel customer service and development of more comprehensive content for product support. For example, by starting up of the chat service and by providing Business Guru usage tips.
- Better and clearer description of customer service channels, improvements in reachability of contact persons and confirmed special situation communication
- Improvements in optimization of net capacity, improvements in net coverage
Owners, investors and analysts - Elisa aims to meet with the requirements set by shareholders and investors, responsible behavior - Annual reporting about material corporate responsibility topics
- Updated information in investor web pages about Elisa
- Communication in stakeholder meetings with investors, owners and analysts
Subcontractors, partners - Code of ethical purchasing and procurement operations - Elisa’s Code of ethical purchasing was updated
- Corporate responsibility survey for main suppliers was conducted
Social operators - Digitalisation of services
- Mobile and fixed network coverage
- Broadband policy
- Roaming policy
- Broadband execution programmme was launched by the Ministry of Transport and communication launched
- We have participated in to stakeholder consultations and discussions with both national and EU level decision-makers and other key stakeholders

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