Responsibility at Elisa


Corporate responsibility- mid-term targets
Topic Target Target year Perfomance 2016
Sustainable value for society Elisa's medium-term financial targets
Responsible employer and personnel wellbeing Employee satisfaction: 4.00/5.00 2016
New target: % share of teams having employee satisfaction higher than ≥ 3.5 2019
Information security and privacy 100% share of all Elisa employees have conducted Elisa’s Information security training. 2019 (1
Safeguarding functioning society accessibility and ease of use of our services Target to be set during 2017 n/a n/a
Responsible customer communication Customer satisfaction 2019
Ethical business and anti-corruption 100% of Elisa employees have conducted CoC-trainings Continuous
Sustainable supply chain Target to be set during 2017 n/a n/a
Environmental responsibility and climate change mitigation Science-based mid- and long-term targets for our carbon footprint will be set during 2017 n/a n/a
COemission savings 2019

1) Finnish employees

= Target achieved

= More than 50% of the target achieved = Less than 50% of the target achieved
Key corporate responsibility activities during 2016
Activities in 2016 Plan for 2017
UN Sustainable Development Goals
- We mapped and assessed UN SDGs to define the most material targets for our businesses where in we can support common societal value creation and environmental goals the most.
- We organised Human Rights and Business training for all Elisa employees.
- We will define mid-term targets to support societal value creations for selected UN SGDs
- We will conduct human rights assessment of our operations
Development of corporate responsibility management and reporting
- We launched new corporate responsibility data management and reporting tool
- We research and analysed societal and environmental impacts of eHealth services
- We will define new energy efficiency targets and joining the Finnish Energy efficiency agreement and commit to improve our use of energy
- We will define our mid- and long-term targets for carbon footprint.
Sustainable supply chain:
- We updated Code of ethical purchasing and published it in Finnish, English and Estonian
- We did corporate responsibility survey to our main suppliers
- We will review and update our supplier auditing practices

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