Social responsibility

Accessible and secure services that are easy to use

We continuously develop our products and services based on our customers’ needs. Safety, accessibility and ease of use of our inspirational services are the key issues when developing the customer experience.

Our customers are regularly invited to meet Elisa’s service designers in order to test our current services and to innovate new ones. During these co-creation sessions we collect valuable insights to be able to react to the changes of the needs, usage patterns and expectations. Elisa's service designers are responsible for analysing the observations and development of services.

Online services are increasingly used with mobile devices. To ensure the best user experience, all Elisa's services are designed first for small screens and after that to be responsive in larger once. To meet the needs of our multi-culture customers we have increased our ability to produce services in different languages.

In the future, the new EU directives will set conditions to accessibility of services and transparency of information. Customers are entitled for example to know what personal information Elisa stores about them.

We follow the law, rules of the sector and good practices in our marketing. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority supervises and provides guidelines for marketing in the industry. Our customers have the right to opt out of direct marketing. Our Communications unit handles our marketing.

The Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Act and certain other special acts, as well as guidelines and regulations from the authorities, apply to telephone marketing. Elisa’s subsidiary Enia is responsible for Elisa’s telephone sales service. Its quality monitoring ensures compliance with the agreed rules.

Radiation from base stations and mobile phones and potentially related health problems give rise to concerns from time to time. In Finland, the safety of the mobile phone networks is monitored by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), whose decisions and regulations are based on scientific research findings.

We also engage in close cooperation with operators in the industry with regard to electromagnetic fields, and we act as expert members on the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) advisory board.

With regard to product safety, we act in the manner required by legislation and regulations. At Elisa, the liability for product safety rests with the business unit that put out the product or service in question. We verify compliance with these laws and regulations through subcontracting agreements or by separately contacting the hardware manufacturers.

Key measures and their results in 2016

  • In 2016, we invested in many ways in the improvement of multilingual customer service. We made significant improvements to the OmaElisa customer service application, customer service site and invoicing. With the acquisition of Anvia, we strengthened our service resources in Swedish considerably, and we will be able to further improve our multilingual services.
  • Several customer groups participated in the design of services in 2016. Slightly more events were arranged for senior citizens than for other groups. The OmaElisa customer service application and its availability were discussed with older people, for example.
  • Elisa’s Service Design and UNICEF arranged a seminar on how to design services for children, and related practices.
  • We continued to invest in digital schools for children and the offering of a service for families to support digital parenting. We cooperated with Save the Children Finland by adding their HelpSome application to our website.

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