Social responsibility

Comprehensive mobile network and fixed network

Our task as part of Finnish society is to ensure comprehensive and reliable mobile and data communication connections. We also play an important role in securing operational reliability in society.

We are bound by a universal service obligation for specific areas in Finland set by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Universal service means the right of consumers and companies to receive an affordable and faultlessly operating telephone subscription and a 2 Mbit/s broadband connection to their home or the business premises of their company in Finland.

Utilisation of digital services requires a reliable and ever faster nationwide network.

We systematically measure the coverage and availability of our network through a population coverage indicator. We also monitor an independent study by ECE Ltd on the coverage of the operators’ networks in Finland.

The construction of masts, base stations and transmission stations requires a municipal permit and good statutory cooperation with both individual housing companies and landowners. In the siting of base stations, we extensively utilise construction sites shared with other operators in the industry. More than half of our base stations are in shared use.

We prepare in advance for disturbances and proactively collect up-to-date information from our network service, analyse it and perform the necessary fault repair measures before a disturbance arises. We measure the reliability of our service with an availability indicator and by monitoring the development of the total number of faults.

We continuously develop a comprehensive fault management process in case of, for instance, extended fault situations caused by exceptional weather conditions. We cooperate with electricity companies to coordinate reserve power needs in risk areas. The units maintaining the networks practise regularly for emergencies. 

Key measures and their results in 2016

  • The majority of our investments were again directed towards improving the functionality of the fixed and mobile phone networks and extending their coverage. In addition, we completed several pilot projects with new techniques and speeds.
  • We managed to continue to decrease the overall number of faults and the number of major disturbances, even though the number of services we offer is continuously growing.
  • We continued our investments in proactive, comprehensive communication about disturbances. When an extensive disturbance is observed, communication to customers about it starts as soon as possible and continues until the fault has been repaired.

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