Social responsibility

Elisa’s supply chain

Cooperation with more than 5,500 suppliers and subcontractors is a vital part of the responsible development of our business. We acquire a large part of our services, materials and products from within the EU (92.8%) and some also from outside the EU (7.2%). Active cooperation ensures that the quality and responsibility goals are reached in the different parts of the supply chain.

Responsibility of purchasing is guided by Elisa’s Code of Ethical Purchasing, our Code of Conduct, compliance with the Act on Contractor’s Obligations and Liability, and Elisa’s instructions and principles related to security. Bribery and other inappropriate payments and benefits in business operations are illegal and forbidden. We require compliance with laws and statutes and the prevention of bribery from all of our partners and subcontractors. 

When signing an agreement, suppliers must accept Elisa’s Code of Ethical Purchasing and commit to complying with international principles and agreements guiding the use of labour and human rights, managing the more efficient use of limited resources and reducing harmful environmental emissions. Suppliers can report any defects or misconduct in the manner laid down in the Elisa Code of Conduct, also anonymously.

We acquire most of our network and data system equipment and phones from well-known international suppliers. We place special emphasis on assessing the energy efficiency, lifecycle and operational reliability of the equipment.

The majority of services are purchased from our operating countries, except for special support and development services, which are purchased from abroad. They comprise 2.7 per cent of all service purchases.

When purchasing services, we pay special attention to information security and data protection. 

We perform supplier audits when selecting new suppliers from outside the EU, especially in the case of high-risk countries. To become an Elisa supplier, a company must pass an assessment that complies with Elisa’s inspection protocol and be prepared to work on any observed development issues in cooperation with Elisa.

Key measures and their results in 2016

  • We updated Elisa’s Code of Ethical Purchasing and published it in Finnish, English and Estonian.
  • We conducted a total of three subcontractor assessments and selected three of the companies as Elisa suppliers.
  • We performed corporate responsibility surveys on 30 of our largest suppliers (45 per cent of the total supply volume) to investigate key responsibility actions in the supply chain.

For further information on responsible purchasing, please see our website.

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